Eurosec Automation & Security

New installation

Security Systems :

  • CCTV Monitoring System:
    Eurosec Automation and Security can design and install C.C.T.V systems to your specific requirements from simply one camera to a multi-camera system. We use the latest CCTV Technology including the Analogue, HD and IP System with high storage and possibility of integration with other systems.
  • Intrusion Alarm System :
    Eurosec Automation and Security can design an intruder alarm system made to your specific needs. Eurosec uses the very latest police approved equipment installed with pride and care. Our systems are installed in most reputable banks, shops etc... We offer and provide all our customers a full 24/7 hour service and maintenance facility at a very competitive rate in the industry, as well as, upgrading your existing system to re-instate full police cover.
  • ANPR System :
    Eurosec Automation and Security offers a wide range of ANPR systems; cameras, microprocessors and application softwares products to meet the growing list of industry segments. 3M is unique among suppliers of Number Plate Recognition because it designs and manufactures its own innovative camera/illuminator units, purpose designed recognition processors and software. Applications that have a proven track record of success with the technology includes Journey Time Measurement Systems, Road User Charging, Toll Enforcement, Congestion Charging, Police, Anti-Terrorism Systems, Parking Systems, Bus Lane Enforcement , Access Control , Site Security
  • Video & Audio intercom System :
    Eurosec Automation and Security offers the latest solutions for IP or Analog Audio & Video intercom system for villas, Towers offices, etc…
    An intercom (intercommunication device) is an electronic communications system within a building or group of buildings.
  • Access control System :
    Eurosec Automation and Security can provide and install a full range of access solutions from single entry to multiple entries. Computer operated system, we also provide and fit systems with two way conversation and video image. We use a full range of mechanical and electronic locks which cater for all types of doors and needs. Authorized access can be gained via entry code, swipe card, key fobs or remote and finger print and hand punch machine. Eurosec can supply and fit a full range of electric operated gates and barriers for domestic and commercial use.
  • Shutters And Grills :
    In addition to electronic security systems, we offer design and installation facilities for a wide range of physical security products which are the following:
    • External and internal rolling shutter doors in powder coated aluminum section recognized to insurance companies and police specifications if required
    • Internal lattice steel security gates, also available to insurance specification
    • Anti-ram-raid posts and bollards
    • Rising roadway barriers
  • Turnstile System :
    Eurosec Automation and Security offers the latest technology when it comes to Turnstile System integrating with offline, or online Access control system.

Automation System:

  • Home Automation System :
    Eurosec Automation and Security offers the latest technology when it comes to home automation. Home automation (also called domestics) is a field within building automation, specializing in the specific automation requirements of private homes and in the application of automation techniques for the comfort and security of its residents. Although many techniques used in building automation (such as light and climate control, control of doors, window shutters, security and surveillance systems, etc...) are also used in home automation.
    Additional functions in home automation can include the Control of multi-media home entertainment systems, automatic plant watering and pet feeding, automatic scenes for dinners and parties, and a more user-friendly control interface.
  • Guest Room Management Systems :
    Eurosec Automation and Security is also offering Top Hotel System as an integrated online guest room management system, a modular product that can be customized to hotel requirement, from access control to fully integrated guest room management and energy saving automation.